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April 28, 2009

Yet another reason why I love Maine

They’ve got both solar-powered and wind-powered fiber processing facilities. Not to mention a sweet fiber CSA at the awesome fiber + more farm featured in Spin to Knit a few years ago.

There’s a little back story here — my mom moved up to Maine after art school, moved back here to Ohio to marry my dad, and she’s been trying to get him to move to Maine ever since (she’s awfully close to convincing him after 35 years). I moved back from Boston — though I was frequently up at my aunt’s house in Maine — to be with my boyfriend. I’ve followed in my mom’s footsteps so far as “let’s move to Maine” goes, although it’s not possible at the moment.

I think the above fiber facts, photos like these (from one of our vacations there), events like this, support for organic food and independent/local shopping that makes me want to move there so very much.

(Although, I do have to say I am really, really looking forward to the knit pattern photoshoot on my friend’s organic goat + vegetable farm here).

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  • Joansie

    I so desperately want to move back to Maine though I am just a four drive away. I was born and raised there and love the ocean (thus, the blogname). Check out my lighthouse pic from Maine on my blog. So where in Maine would you go to? I’m familiar with the entire coast.

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  • Post authorShannon

    Oh! The lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth! nice! York County, probably. We need to be within driving distance of Boston and Portland, I think, and my aunt is near Ogunquit, though if we won the lottery tomorrow I’d be just as apt to say a little further up coast. Love Bar Harbor & the area around but I think the parking in the summer would make me miserable, I’d rather be in the middle of the woods!

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