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June 22, 2004

Yarn, wonderful yarn!

Today’s lovely submissions for the group sweater come from Chris at ChrisKnits and Minnie. First, Chris:

This was spin on a MajaCraft Rosie with her friend’s help, and I can attest that it is quite fabulous. Amazing shades of grey…yum.

This green and white ball is by Minnie from Omaha, NE – a Merino blend, partially Kool-Aid dyed with (lots) of Kool-Aid. Thank you both! As I suspected, the various colors are starting to come together nicely…the sweater should be colorful and absolutely irreplaceable! Much as I say I don’t like color…well, I’m lying. I like it, I’m just picky. When there are a few more balls of yarn in the collection box, I will put them into my mother’s giant wooden bowl for a group portrait. I think you’ll all be quite surprised at how well they blend.

I sorted through my stash this weekend, mostly to find things that need to go to a new home (they’re going with me to s-n-b tonight), but also to organize before my next big yarn order. I’m down to one bookcase shelf stuffed full!

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