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January 12, 2009

Wow! re: the poll

You are all awesome. Thanks to the (really large!) number of you who’ve taken it already… feel free to repost the poll link on Twitter, your own sites, Facebook, etc. To answer a question I just received — I’ve just added an (optional) space on the poll to include your email address. In my low-caffeine-content brain posting it the other day, I didn’t think to put it in, which begs the question “well, then, how will you be able to tell the winner s/he won?”

I generally hate asking for email addresses, it smacks of “I am planning to spam you” (which, dear readers, I am not).

Should the randomly-drawn winner be someone pre-email address field insertion, believe me, I have ways of finding you… mwah ha ha ha. And/or I’ll announce it here.

update, 13 Jan 2009: We’ve broken 500 responses, think we can do 1000? repost the link on your blogs, let’s go for it!

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  • Arlene

    my LYS does not have pattern downloads. River City Yarns Edmonton, AB, Canada

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