January 17, 2009


Why did I leave my camera at the hotel accidentally? I could have showed you the Wall of Malabrigo (no one can resist), and Amanda from Lorna’s Laces trying on Rivulet (it looked completely amazing on her) and, well…lots of stuff. But having only one full day on the show floor = tough to see everyone and do everything and still stay sane — sorry!

Then again, I HOPE I just forgot the camera at the hotel. I am going to be very sad otherwise… was rushing to get out the door this morning and there you go. That Canon is 100x better than my Nikon D70, especially in low light.

Yarn I have not knit yet, but kind of love from fondling: O-Wool’s wool/cotton blend.
Yarn I might as well have married: Malabrigo, always.
Editors I had lunch with: Eunny from Interweave, Marcy the new Interweave Crochet editor…

(We have a new secret editor fight club or something)

Beers consumed: One, right now, hotel lobby.
People kissed: Too many to count
People’s books admired: ditto, but especially Gina’s
Flights not looking forward to: tomorrow’s

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  • jonquil

    hope that you have found your camera! & just to say how much i enjoy the photo on the page. always such excellent composition & beautifule colors 🙂 one of my first-smile-of-the-day.

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  • Romi

    It was fabulous meeting you! :kisses:

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  • Tara Jon Manning

    Dude, you must find your camera or the amazing pedicab race may only be a fig newton of our imagination!!!! I didn’t see that on your list of highlights Miss Shannon. Great to play with you. – T

    Reply to Tara Jon Manning

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