April 3, 2009

When they have to bring a truck to your house…

…that’s when you know you’ve ordered a lot of books.

Xan and I offered up a special deal on signed copies of our book AlterNation, then ended up having to order more in after this post went live! (If you’re planning to order or have already ordered, please note the UPDATE link re: shipping addresses)

What’s in the boxes? so many copies to sign that our hands are probably going to be cramped for the next three weeks. Thank heavens for my Dymo label printer, I cry to think of printing out all of those by hand.

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  • Stephany

    This is your book? It looks great! I would love to order one, but I’m so broke I can’t pay attention. 🙁

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  • nathalie

    moment très agréable et très excitant à vivre pour une designer!!!

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