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April 11, 2007

When the Harlot talks, people listen

…and you get stuff like this gorgeous blanket:

(photo posted with Shelly’s kind permission — see her blog for tutorial links!)

The background story:

Shelly has made a very big mistake. She has asked me to ask you to send her your leftover sock yarn. Since I am a horrible, terrible person with a fair bit of leftover sock yarn and a vivid imagination, I am suddenly possessed of a very funny image of Shelly getting “some” sock yarn, I’ll ask you this..

Who wants to try and bury her house?

And now, look what’s happened! I think that’s one of the most beautiful handknit blankets I’ve ever seen, and I am feeling inspired to knit something like it, maybe out of handspun. It all started with this post on Shelly’s site; she recently gave a status update here.

When we finally get around to tying the knot, I think I want a knit wedding dress whose skirt looks like that. So, everyone, start saving your white and off-white sock yarn now. Actually, don’t. I look absurd in white. And besides, the current wedding theme we’ve agreed on that doesn’t involve pirates, zombies, Elvis or hoboes is “Dia de los Muertos.” Nothing says “wedding” like Mexican sugar skulls, if you ask me. Save your black and grey sock yarn scraps instead…I know just the stockings I can wear with it!

Last night I cast on for a sweater with the Pagoda top I bought from Pippi. Sometimes I start spinning, I can’t stop, and pow, 30 minutes later there’s a full bobbin saying “knit meeeeeee.” So I complied. I can’t say no to my own yarn, can I?

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  • Amy'sBabies

    I saw that blanket and decided that I need one too! Those are cool stockings too. I wish I had such a cool excuse to wear them 😀

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