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April 25, 2005

We’re on Amazon.com!

For reasons known only to the deepest corners of my heart, I didn’t believe my book would really exist in print until I saw it on Amazon. And here we are — pre-order away!

If you’re reading the already-posted information on Amazon, yes, the recommended age range is a little young. It was actually intended for an average age of about 15, I don’t know where they’re getting 9-12… However, the patterns are suitable for all ages, and it’s only $3 more than your average knitting magazine. 15 patterns, fun illustrations, adorable photos.

(Sure, I’m biased. But come on, it’s less than $10. Would it kill you to order one? Or two? Or three? Or one for every knitter you know?)

This concludes my blatantly commercial plug of the day.

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  • shannon

    The cover isn’t done yet (last minute font indecisiveness), but as soon as I have it from the publisher, I’ll post it. I’ve seen the previews, it’s cute!

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  • pippi



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  • Chris

    Congrats to you. What an accomplishment. Can’t wait to see the cover.

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