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December 30, 2005

Web fun and happy new year!

What will Amazon think of next? They’ve started a new program called Amazon Connect which allows authors to keep a mini-blog related to their books. Mine is here. Look for the full program to launch in January.

Then, there’s Squidoo. It’s a site designed to match subject experts and people looking for information. (Think “About.com with a million less ads per page”). Squidoo calls their subject matter pages “lenses.” My spinning one is here.

I’m having a real dilemma right now. Looking through my yarn stash (which is nowhere near as large as Jillian’s — personally, I don’t know how she can sleep at night with all that lovely, lovely yarn right downstairs waiting to be knit), I found a really beautiful assortment of greens. A ball here, half a skein there, and some complimentary neutrals. Bottle greens, pine greens, green with a smidge of lavender…oh, I love green.

Anyway — these gorgeous bits of wool are crying “Knit me! KNIT ME! Knit me into a sweater!” and I don’t have time right now! Very sad. So I’ve put the yarns in the Amish-made basket my best friend bought me last year to observe their interaction for a few days. Maybe I can squeeze in some spare knitting time next week? I know! I’ll use it as a reward for finishing all the “must do now” items on my to-do list, even though Tamas wants to go out for New Year’s Eve. (I did take knitting to the place we went last year: imagine tables strewn with confetti, party hats, drinks and……….my ball of yarn)

Have a happy and safe new year filled with lots of yarn and no frogging! See you in 2006.

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