So, we got married.

And you thought your holiday weekend was busy?

What started as one of our stock pretend fights Monday evening (“my accountant is better than your accountant, nyah nyah nyah“) somehow turned into us going to the courthouse for a marriage license Tuesday afternoon, stopping to buy champagne at Lilly Chocolate (when asked by the owner of Lilly why we suddenly decided to do this after 8.5 years together, Tamas said to her with a perfectly straight face: “well, we did just buy a freezer…”), finding a roller derby girl friend of a friend to officiate (our backup was the owner of our local comic book store…really), finally culminating in getting married at my studio building Friday evening with my studiomate Arabella, her husband Ben and Tamas’ best friend Mike in attendance.

Studio neighbor Kristen (you know her work from Shaping Shawls) shot some photos. My friend Margaret fixed the straps on a dress I already had, and I wore Doc Marten heels.

Miriam Felton, love love love, FedEx overnighted me her Nefertiti shawl (it’s borrowed and blue…-ish). A sixpence in the shoe and 10 minutes later and pow…married.

All organized in about 48 hours.

(Hey, sometimes things just work).

Here’s to many, many more years with my best friend.

22 thoughts on “So, we got married.”

  1. Wow, felicitations! What a wonderful way to celebrate a holiday–by making it something truly special! Love! Congratulations to you both!

  2. Congradualizations! Such a romantic way to tie the knot! And you have to admit that it was shocking to be cohabiting, WITH A FREEZER, and no marriage certificate???? That’s indecent. Many happy years and fake arguments to you both,

  3. Congratulations, Shannon! I think that may be the best way to do it, really. not much time for pre-wedding jitters and family antics:) Here’s wishing you joy and harmony for many decades to come.

  4. Well … just … congratulations! That’s great. Love the planning. 🙂

    May you, Tamas and the freezer live together in love and peace for many years to come.

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