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May 28, 2007


If you are not a techy-geeky person, you might not quite get the subject line on this post. It stems from the lolcat / I Can Has Cheezburger meme, with a little Star Wars geekery thrown in.

Apparently, there was a very bad unauthorized Chinese dub of the Star Wars movie where Darth Vader falls into the lava and gets half-cooked. Instead of the utterly hilarious “Noooooooooooooooo!” heard in the English version, the Chinese movie translation was “DO NOT WANT!!!” So it’s become a kind of catch-all phrase in messageboard threads, etc. The opposite, of course, is “WANT!” And want this sweater I do.

I found it on a shop site called Astrid’s Dutch Obsessions. They’ve got some supertasty stuff, including pre-orders on the special Kaffe Fassett sock yarn, not to mention Opal sock yarn inspired by the art of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, one of my favorite Austrian artists. If you’re ever in Vienna, definitely stop by the KunstHausWien or the Hundertwasserhaus, it is absolutely worth it. He’s like the Austrian eco-Gaudí!

What did I order? (Well, you knew I couldn’t resist, right?) This Kaffe Fassett yarn and this Hundertwasser yarn. I was good.

This is going to be a very big week. I’ll be at TNNA over the weekend and our shop opens just as soon as I get back. While Heidi and I are gone, Megan will be repainting and moving in all our stuff. Sewing machines, knitting machines, work tables, chairs chairs chairs. And let’s not even get started on the yarn, fabric, etc. I’m planning to move my entire stash to the store and sort through it, since my tastes have changed over time and I should make an effort to destash/make my older stuff available to the knit-related classes. I’ve got a whole new series of kits and stuff to put together. Lots to do. Maybe I should go take a nap… rest up while I can!

In book-related news, I can now announce that I am doing a camping-inspired knitting book for release next year. My charming and fantastic test knitters will have their hands full this summer. Also, I’ll need models in the southern Maine/NH/northeast MA area in September for the photoshoot, if you’re interested. There will be a survey about the book in my next post (you’ll see why then).

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  • AmyP

    I totally gasped (out loud) when I saw the jacket. And giggled at the Star Wars translation. Sort of fits better though.

    Reply to AmyP
  • kristi

    Wow. That is one lovely sweater! I want one too 🙂

    Reply to kristi
  • Post authorShannon

    Well, they’ve got the same yarn at the website, but not a pattern, just the ready-to-wear sweater. I suppose we could go chart-crazy! 😉

    Reply to Shannon
  • Charlene

    I’m loving that sweater, I’m wondering if there was a pattern available if it would translate into handknitting.. The sweater looks as if it’s machine knit. Love Astrid’s Dutch Obsessions website.

    Reply to Charlene
  • Michael Wade

    That’s freaking beautiful. I totally got 2 (TWO!) kits for Kauni Sweaters and this looks so much cooler than the one I wanted to make. Hmmmmmm. The Hundertwasser yarn is so pretty. I’ve seen a pair of Jaywalkers that look amazing in that series.

    Reply to Michael Wade

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