October 19, 2007

Vickie Howell on The Knitgrrl Show today!

By the time you read this, I will be on the road to glorious Rhinebeck, NY — but through the magic of technology, we’ll be podcasting live from the road, probably somewhere along I-90 with Vickie Howell of Knitty Gritty fame, appearing live on The Knitgrrl Show at 2:00 p.m. Eastern today!

The call in number is (718) 664-9504, so don’t be shy…

(Did you know that Vickie has a new podcast coming out herself?) So call with your questions about this and all the other interesting things she’s up to these days…

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  • Kate

    Hi! I’ve been listening to the podcast, and I’ve mostly been really enjoying it. You have great raport with your guests, although sometimes, when the guest is not quite as bubbly as you, it’s hard to hear what they’re saying. I’ve really enjoyed every interview I’ve heard where *you* were being interviewed. However.


    Especially when the audio is a bit chunky, so that anything you say overides what they say. I love listening to what you have to say, and it *is* your show. But please, please, please. Just let them finish their sentence. I was listening to the interview with Jonelle Raffino and the woman from SOAK last night, and I almost had to trun it off, I got so frustrated.

    The best interviewers find a balance between sharing their own stories (which I find to be important, esp on a more intimate medium like podcasting) and letting the interviewee speak. Sometimes the best bits of an interview are when the interviewer just shuts up for a while and leaves a space for a bit of rambling. Especially when you are discussing a product – that way the whole podcast doesn’t sound like one long advertisement. I would have loved to hear more from Franklin Habit, for example.

    That said, I have been enjoying it a lot, and it works incredibly well when your guest is just as bouncy and forceful as you are – there have been some fantastic interviews. I’ll definately keep listening. Thanks!

    I hope that wasn’t too mean, or anything?

    Reply to Kate

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