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October 11, 2003

Vermont Sheep and Wool

Our occasional foreign correspondent (of nobody’s doll) files a dispatch from the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival in which we learn the origin of the term “dust bunnies”, and discover that she won’t be going to Rhinebeck with me after all. Alas. Now who’ll keep me from spending my life savings on wool? I need a show chaperone!

Tomorrow the housemates and I head to Vermont for foliage festivities. I think I can guarantee they won’t let me go to Green Mountain Spinnery, although the Ben & Jerry’s tour… that’s another matter altogether. I’ve been knitting in the car recently (while a passenger – don’t worry!), and plan to continue work on the Cascade Eco sweater as we head north in the morning. My boss let me stop in at Ladybug Knitting Shop when we were on Cape Cod the other day – dangerous!

Last weekend, I knit throughout Bloggercon. So many people were moblogging, video-streaming and taking digital photos that I’m surprised there are no known photos of me working on the sweater as I listen. This is hardly my first foray into public knitting, either.

The weekend after Rhinebeck, I head to NYC for a weekend with the significant other – if you have any knitting stores to recommend, particularly in the Soho area, do tell…

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