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February 4, 2007

Valentine’s present for me?

Pink Denise needle kit. Why pink?

I have 2 blue Denise sets already and it seems I’m always missing the same sizes and lengths… yet almost never use the larger sizes. I hate knitting with huge needles, it makes me nervous and slow.

We should have a Denise part swap. I’ll trade someone all my larger needles (11 and up) for more US size 8 — 10.5 needles. I did pick up one of the pink Denise cord sets at TNNA (thank you!), and they are pretty in person. The cases, too.

If I break down and buy set #3 — knowing full well that having three sets of Denises is verging on Crazy Cat Lady of Knitting Needles status — I’ll get a pink.

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  • Amy

    You know you want it–I have 2, plus a knitpicks set and I still think I could use another denise–that’s one of the big advantages of the knitpicks, actually, is that you can buy pieces a la carte–you could have 10 size 8 tips if you wanted to.

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