Valentine’s Day giveaway!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the lovely people at Jordana Paige have given me a SPECTACULAR bag to give away! Check it out — this messenger bag for knitters is pocket-filled, comes in a gorgeous, funky plaid, and retails for $92.

How to win? Just leave a comment about what you love: your significant other? Cookies? Malabrigo Merino Worsted in the hank? Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens? We’ll pick a random commenter on Valentine’s Day to win the messenger bag.

Bonus: make me laugh or submit your comment in a particularly creative way, and you might win my own personal Jordana Paige bag, the Rio:

So have at it!

198 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day giveaway!”

  1. I love my kids (of course), my cats and (most of the time :)) my husband.
    I really love when i have to go to lectures – i learn better by knitting while listening (and i get a lot of UFOs done!)
    I love when people don’t believe i knit what i have on (be it hats, mittens, anything) until i pull out needles and yarn and prove it!

    I really love catching a cat with my yarn wrapped around his feet or tail or something.. or catch one of them with a ball of yarn in thier mouth as if it was a kitten (i love it more when it is not a current project!)

  2. I love many things…but right now I am loving teaching my daughter to knit! She is learning so quickly and enjoying it so much. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. I love my new (adopted one month ago!) kitty.
    I love my boyfriend.
    I love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a large or complicated knitting project.

  4. What fun! I am working fast to finish a heart scarf for Valentine’s Day. I love being retired.

  5. More than anything I love quiet afternoons with my husband. We sit on the couch and watch tv and I knit and he plays with my hair. Usually the cats come sit in my lap and “help” me knit. One in particular is convinced that the small double point needles are going to kill me…she has to leave.

    Lovely bag! I hope I win! 🙂

  6. I love preschool because it gives me 2 hours of uninterrupted time alone. Even though I should probably use it to clean, my favorite use is for knitting! Of course, I love my kids, but absence makes the heart grow fonder and that time alone helps me be so happier to see them in the afternoon!

  7. I really LOVE that bag….be still my heart(uh, not really! I am getting to be of that age when one starts to worry about that).
    I love my husband, family and friends, ya know the usual stuff….but then my list is;
    1. quilting and collecting fabric
    2. knitting and collecting yarn
    3. reading and my new Kindle
    4. The Big Bang Theory
    5. The Big Chill
    6 Fresh Flowers
    7. Hugs
    8. Sheets hung out to dry in the sunshine
    9. Music, most kinds
    10. Scrapbooking
    Do you want more? I can you know!
    I enjoy life and am grateful for all the things it is made up of.

    Thanks for the chance on the giveaway(s)!

  8. yes, you hit it on the head. i lurv malabrigo merino worsted in pretty much every colorway. i want to roll around in a big bowl of it our just sleep next to it and hug it tight. i also love warm chocolate chip cookies, brownie sundaes, sweet tea and lazy saturday mornings. thanks for the giveaway!

  9. It’s the time of year
    When all that you hear
    Is I love . . .

    And your post fits in
    To the clamor and din
    Of I love . . .

    I look at my life
    As mother and wife
    Oh I love . . .

    An attractive bag to hold my knitting or netting tools!

  10. The things that I love are many and varied – as I write this today, in excruciating pain due to whoknowswhat stomach malady has been crippling me the past 3 days, I think “Lisa, you know what you love? Gastrointestinal health. That’s what.”

    But in all honesty, I love my children painfully so. My 13 yr old and my 16 month old bring such joy to my life and to the lives of everyone they meet #noexaggeration that I can’t help but be bursting with pride and adoration. I love my partner for being the best man I could imagine who would dare put up with my crazy and pick me up years after a disastrous first marriage and show me “hey, dudes aren’t all bad and can be trusted.” I love my cat (obligatory crazy yarn loving cat comment here). I love my best friend and business partner because she kicks so much @ss and doesn’t even realise it most days. I love that I found such passion and inspiration in the knitting community and I love making things with my hands. I love the reception our fledgling yarn dyeing business has gotten the FIVE months we’ve been running. I love my friends, you know who you are #pointedstare. I love that I can say this with absolutely NO sense of irony, in spite of living in the irony capital of the world, North Brooklyn, and loving being here. I love NYC. I love to hate to love politics.

    There is SO much else that I love. Handbags being one of them #pickme. Many of these thing would probably be food related but even thinking of them throws me into painful stomach cramping. So, regardless of not wanting to lose weight this way, and trying desperately to find a silver lining, I love that I MAY be able to fit into jeans a little better once I am brave/well enough to leave my apartment.

    Thanks for this contest!!

  11. I love that I’m semi-retired and have time to play with my friends, knit and enjoy the company of my husband — and (required disclaimer) not necessarily in that order.

  12. I love knitting Susie’s reading mittens in a soft wool and a gorgeous colorway (Mini mochi Blueberry Pancakes, dye lot 55) so that when you are done it looks so good that you think OMG I couldn’t have made that! Yummy yum yum!

  13. I love my husband. I love flying out to CA on Valentine’s Day to see him–he has been gone since the first week of Jan. and will not return here til the end of April. Big job! I love knitting, and wool. Love, love wool. Sad to say out of the five baby girls showing up between next week and the end of May, not one can I use wool to make their gifts!!! Sigh. There are acrylics that work up nicely, too. But….

  14. I love when I finish a project, analyze it meticulously, and realize that there are absolutely no errors in it! The logical thing to do would be to analyze it as I knit, to make sure there aren’t any mistakes, which I try to do, but it seems that so many times I bind off a project, and then as I’m blocking I notice that there is one stitch that was slipped, or a cable twist that is too far or too close to the previous twist, or one time that one sock was longer than the other, and another time where one sleeve was longer than the other. Every time I spot a mistake the crazy OCD knit-nazi part of me comes out and as soon as it dries I start frogging… And a mania overcomes me and my husband tries to leave the house. SO, when I realize, as I’m blocking, that the whole item is as it should be it creates a great sense of relief and joy in me. I love it! I would also love to carry around my frogged half disaster items in either of these lovely bags.

  15. My how times flys when you are knitting and what pretty things you can make and a great pasttime. I always have 4 or 5 different projects going. I am retired and realy enjoy knitting.

  16. I love calling in and pretending to be sick just to finish knitting the adorable mittens in time for tomorrow’s snow storm. I love my boyfriend for spending 2 hours last night helping me untangle and then find the end piece on my new sock yarn. And finally, I love my sister, for being there and emailing me all day on a Friday when I have no motivation to actually work. Thanks for writing such a fun blog that also helps with those last day of the week blues!

  17. My husband had a bad day last week and, for him, was unusually down. I tried a number of cheering up tactics, but still no smile. I pondered a bit more and came up with an idea I thought might do the trick. Quickly trolling through my vast arsenal of female emotions, I mustered up some pretty good and sincere looking facial muscles, turned to him and said, “I love you more than ALL of my wool.” Now since we are pretty much double-insulating our whole home with my wool stash, and that he is pretty aware of the fact that I know almost every ball and skein by name and location, this was a significant statement for me to make. He immediately laughed and said, “Really? All of it?” I caved a little. “Well, okay, not the ROWAN Felted Tweed. Everything else.” His grinning reply back was, “Really? That’s it? Just that one? Nothing else?” Me – “Oh yes, just that one.” A complete lie because I know with all of my soul about those few skeins of special hand-dyed that I keep under our bed and which I take out and stroke every few months, but what the heck, he was the one having a bad day.

  18. I just want the bag so I can haul all of my crap in. Seriously who really needs to carry their own potpourri sachet. I do!

  19. I love my husband. Our first Valentine’s Day married I wanted to make a dinner that he really likes (Chicken Limone). Let’s say that it is now known between him and I as the Pucker Chicken dinner. I made the dinner with too much lemon juice. He sat and ate a few bites and I asked how it was and he said interesting. I took a bite and immediately spit it back out. I had worked hard to make this Sour dinner. Oh well we ended up having mashed potatoes and peas for dinner and a piece of chocolate cake. I appreciated the fact that he didn’t want to hurt my feelings and loves me enough to say it was interesting.

  20. I love my guy so much that I not only already knit him one huge sweater (out of malabrigo worsted) in spite of the sweater curse, which fortunately hasn’t affected us, I’m knitting him another one now, in malabrigo rios (that’s 750 g of malabrigo, which has to be ordered from abroad, TWICE, not to mention that his chest circumference is over 120 cm – those are really big projects 🙂 )

    I also love my cats, in spite of their affection towards my knitted items (one of them really likes kneading and suckling on my sweaters, particularly the malabrigo-sock ones; can’t blame her, though) and leaving hairs all over everything.

  21. I love the fact that I will be having the summer off to spend with husband and son, to just be together. Thinking of driving cross country… Or maybe half way. Not sure how many of us will survive the trip back. 3 people together 24/7 for more than a week together ALL THE TIME! Yikes

  22. I love strategizing about how to make people uncomfortable when I believe they are behaving unethically. I love my dogs. I love sexy shoes. I love Butter of London nailpolish, and I ADORE you!

  23. I love being retired, cuddling with whichever of the four felines wants to snuggle, and drinking a nice hot cup of tea or cocoa while the snowflakes fly past my window. I love watching the male and female cardinal who are my new neighbors dining at my bird feeders and picking over the berries that are still hanging on the bush beside my back porch. They’re such fun to watch that I don’t even mind when the silly male fights with his reflection in my car’s side mirror!

  24. I love knitting and cuddling on the couch with my husband, while my daughter is upstairs sleeping peacefully.
    Now add in a good movie , our cat curled up on the recliner, and drinks. Now that it is a perfect night I would love to have….someday.

  25. I love my husband and two boys. I love knitting in bed on a rainy night. I love when a student tells me they loved the book I talked them into reading. But mostly tonight, I love muscle relaxers (back spasms).

  26. I love surviving a long car trip with my family – no one got sick; we are all still talking to each other; and I got a lot of knitting done!

  27. I love my man, who brings me purple things and butterflies, just because he knows they will make me smile, be they paper, plastic, silver or precious stones, just the fact that he knows I love them is enough.

  28. There are many things that I adore,
    Like taking walks on the sea shore,
    The tiny paws on my kittens,
    The stitches in my mittens,
    And when my partner doesn’t snore!

  29. I love discovering a fantastic new knitting blog just in time to get a chance to leave a comment in hopes of winning a Jordana Paige bag!

    And just because I had something else neat happen today: I also love it when, after a horrible panic learning that your yarn shop no longer has the dye lot of yarn that you need to finish the last three rows of the detailed cable hat you are making, you call a store half-way across the country and the person who takes your call tells you yes, we do have that dye lot in stock!

  30. I love my cat who has been searching for the door into summer since the snow started, but I love my husband more.

  31. I have an overwhelming love of yarn and anything knitty……… and I love my hubby , my son and my daughter. Mostly I love having another opportunity every day to hug them and tell them them that I love them. Having everyone here everyday, is everything. Any more than that, is simply icing on the cake of life!

  32. I love my husband, my kids, my dogs, definitely chocolate and of course knitting – wool in all shapes and forms.

  33. I didn’t follow your instructions, but couldn’t resist writing a poem (using Christopher Marlowe’s “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” for inspiration) to express the kind of wonderful life one of your bags will find with me.

    The Passionate Knitter to Her Bag

    COME live with me and be my bag;
    With angora, alpaca, all that swag,
    I will fill and you, my sweet love,
    To create rich shawls, mittens, gloves.
    You will sit beside my comfy chair,
    With the rhythm of needles in the air,
    And see the my creations come to shape;
    Our life together a splendid escape.
    There will I make thee a loving friend;
    All cares will instantly suspend;
    A partner, a sidekick, my grandest tool,
    You’ll be treasured as my rarest jewel.

    A sweater made of the finest wool
    Which from our pretty lambs we pull,
    Fair linèd slippers for the cold,
    Gorgeous knitwear to behold.
    Needles made from gleaming wood,
    Used to make a charming hood:
    Inside you, you’ll find, in this life of grace,
    If you come live with me and be my case.
    Afar we’ll voyage together, to arrive
    In style at Vogue Knitting Live,
    Or fiber festivals off the beaten path,
    Like lovers on holiday, we’ll cut our swath.
    The knitting angels shall dance and sing
    For thy delight each May-morning:
    Grab these delights—and do not lag:
    Come live with me and be my bag.

  34. I love my kids…and my husband, when he doesn’t talk too much or hog the remote. So usually special occasions. 🙂

  35. Hopefully you got my previous emails. I am so excited!I would love Knitting in the woods if that is ok or what ever you want will be much appreciated. I do not crochet, just knit. Thank you
    Sandra Phillips
    2323 Howard Rd
    Roanoke, VA 24015

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