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February 27, 2003

True love and knitting needles

Yay! Editrix extraordinaire Amy sent out our pages to be proofed today, which means that the spring issue of Knitty is on its way!

Tonight I chatted with a friend about my article in the new Knitty (on handspinning and the first spin-knit project I did this summer). He said “If somebody knitted me something, I’d know it was true love”. Regretfully, I informed him about the infamous Sweater Curse, whereupon he got himself into a little trouble. He’ll remain nameless here so as not to suffer your collective wrath. First, his take on why knitting a sweater for a guy isn’t a good idea:

Other than you, most girls who knit aren’t cool. When I think knitting, I think of librarians. There are exceptions, but the stereotype of a knitter is not kind.

Does he stop there? No. He has to dig the hole a little deeper…

I wonder if there are sexy photos of knitters? There’s gotta be. I’m going to scour the internet.

I sent him over to the Wearing Wool calendar site. Ha!

Unstoppable, that one. He ends up finding some 1950s naked knitter photography. (Go up a directory level, there are even more nude needlesmiths, alarmingly enough).

This brings a whole new dimension of meaning to the “Women Who Knit: Turn Your Spare Hours Into Money!” retro ad in the left sidebar at Dangerous Chunky

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