Totally self-serving post

There’s a teacher contest for next month’s STITCHES Midwest. They want to see how many people we can get to click through on a given link (in this case, a link to our class listings). So, if you click the below, it won’t cost you a dime but it might win the contest for me! Help a grrl out? I am not above bribery. Here’s $3 off patterns!

(If you’re in the Chicagoland area, of course I would love to have you actually in class with me, but don’t let that limit you!)


(thanking you in advance for putting up with my selfish request…EMBORSKY AND BIRD, YOU’RE GOING DOWN!)

10 thoughts on “Totally self-serving post”

  1. I totally clicked the link and then registered for classes – because it is payday and I have no self-control.

    I look forward to taking your Sunday morning class!

  2. I’ll mail the CP list as soon as it’s up. That one is going to be a real bear to lay out in terms of complexity — you’ll see why eventually. (Mwah ha ha ha EVIL LAUGH).

  3. Hi Shannon- I clicked through for you and decided I wanted to buy a pattern also. But I’m stumped as to where to find the $3 off secret coupon info. Ravelry doesn’t seem to have a record of this offer….

    Anyway good luck, and I hope you win, you bet!

  4. Clicking through should automagically apply the discount for when you add one of my patterns into the cart — if it doesn’t, maybe try adding to cart and then coming back and clicking again? If all else fails, let me know and we’ll figure it out! 🙂

  5. I was in the swaying spindle class on that cruise!!! How well I remember it! 🙂 Fabulous class, lots of fun and great cruise!!!!

  6. The part you missed was my running back to the room afterward and throwing up from seasickness! I never thought I’d be happier than when I bought those magnetic bracelets afterward…

  7. I was being nice not mentioning that part or the kermit green color of your complexion!!! 🙂

    I had morning and afternoon classes with you….LOL!

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