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January 19, 2007

TNNA photos

Ok, mine are all here. A few favorites:

Brandon Mably perusing our class swatches and discussing them with us.

Jenny Hart in Lexie Barnes’ booth, eating Smarties. Because she is a smartie, of course.

Me standing with the cover of the first knit.1 issue with my new column. You can also see photos by Kim Werker, Amy O’Neill Houck, Cecily Keim and Natalie Zee Drieu of CRAFT magazine.

A few faves: us at the Interweave party, Nancy from Chronicle learns to crochet, Lily Chin, Natalie and me, dinner and Cecily in teacher-mode.

Looking at these makes me wish I was back at TNNA! No matter how tiring it can be, how long the days, how heavy the amount of stuff you always end up lugging around… it’s one of the high points of my year for sure. I get to see all my friends, we get to play with yarn. It’s paradise!

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