June 15, 2011

TNNA… duh, knitting!

(Ok, I totally stole the “duh, knitting!” from the Alisha Goes Around boxes that everyone was carting around full of her delicious yarn. And I did my part to make sure EVERYONE knew about her, because I love her AND her yarn. Not just because she gave me a skein that matched my current hair color, either…I have been in awe of Alisha since I first met her back in March while teaching in Austin).
Alisha had a handknit polar bear in her booth this year, which led to many hijinks, such as Ysolda-bear and me getting eaten by a bear, and who knows what else? (The tongue got stolen at one point, if I remember correctly).
Annie and I were roommates, which is good because Andi ended up with Lily — and Lily taped her snoring. I snore like there’s no tomorrow and would’ve given Lily hours of entertainment on that front.
My hair was a sort of periwinkle/lavender color — this week, as Carol notes. I cut off my hair a few weeks ago so I wouldn’t be miserable all summer. (Immediately, of course, the weather got nice and cool. So you’ve got my hairdresser to thank for that…let’s hope it stays this way)
I was not the only member of the short hair club. Mary-Heather, Pamela, Ysolda, and many others have gotten their chop on in recent months and everyone looked ADORABLE.
Marly put on a FABULOUS designers dinner this year, sponsored by Namaste and XRX and some other lovely sponsors. Check back later in the week — I will be doing a giveaway with a spectacular Namaste bag stuffed full of goodies as the prize! This bag is so delicious, I almost want to keep it for myself, but no, dear readers, one of you will get it.

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  • Anne

    Someday my fairy godmother will send me to an event like this; all expenses paid(including adding to yarn stash, food, books, needles, oh, yes I dream!!!

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