February 21, 2006

This weekend: Pittsburgh

Don’t forget, western PA knitters, to stop by the Pittsburgh Knitting Festival this weekend! I understand my classes are pretty much sold out, but if you really want to come, email me and I’ll see what I can do.

I’ll be signing copies of Knitgrrl and selling hand-dyed yarn + fiber, as well as knitting stuff from the Knitgrrl shop. (The shop’s looking decidedly wonky at the moment; my apologies! It hasn’t been fully transitioned to the new site layout yet. But it does work, if you want to order anything).

We’re in deep edit mode on the spinning book right now and finishing up the felting book. Apologies for the lack of posts! But I have new equipment, books and more to review and will post those soon…see you in Pennsylvania?

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  • Amy - lacemaker

    Damn, I lost the card with the e-mail address and the picture is ready to send. I hate being this blond. Loved seeing you all at the show. Sorry it was soo Pittsburgh.
    E-mail me an address, and I will send the snap of the four of you sitting and Suzanne making lace. If I find an address, I will try to send it another way.

    Reply to Amy – lacemaker

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