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December 7, 2008

Things not to do as a knitwear designer

1. Write a pattern while in the throes of a fading migraine.
2. Ditto.

I started to write up Rivulet and realized the numbers were dancing on the screen in a very swirly, yet-not-amusing way. This was on Friday. I went back today to read it over again and said to myself oh, this is not making any sense at all. Rewrite time!

Ditto for the article I wrote during said headache, too.

There are some days when you just have to say forget brain-intensive work altogether.

On an entirely unrelated note, Kim posted the podcast and transcript of her Joss Whedon interview! I myself am gathering up some Whedoncrafty goodness, including, at long last, my infamous It Will Never Be Done At This Rate Joss sweater for a seeeecret plot. Go listen to the interview, it’s magnificent!

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  • Kiba

    I’m in the midst of making my prototype Joss hat (crocheted) and also a migraine at the same time. I hear you on #1. And #2, for that matter.

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