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October 4, 2008

The Yarn Harlot on Conan?!

OMG. Greg Kinnear just completely mentioned the use of the verb ‘to kinnear,’ as popularized by the Yarn Harlot. (See here for the post). They even showed the photo from her blog, and referenced the NYT article. Way to go, Stephanie! Now the outside world knows all about our yarn heroine.

Don’t believe me? Look here tomorrow!

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  • MrsQuimby

    Hola! Delurking to ask – nay, to beg! – you to post if you come across a YouTube clip of the interview…can’t seem to link to the site you gave “from my area.”

    Also, your NaKniSweMo is going to get me into trouble. Thanks! (I think!)

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  • Tikabelle

    The Michael Jordan of knitters. I love it! He’s delightful, thanks so much for sharing!

    Reply to Tikabelle
  • KT

    I seem to recall the photo being better than the one they showed on TV…

  • YarnThing

    I totally saw that on Conan!!! I was jumping up and down as soon as he mention Kinnearing! How AWESOME is that?


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