April 3, 2007

The true definition of torture

The true definition of torture is having a brand new wheel and giant box of fiber waiting for you, but no time to spin. First, I was teaching, and now I’m catching up on all the stuff I missed while teaching… if I am very, very good I’m going to let myself take it out of the bag later today and set it up within visual range. The cats have already been enjoying the shipping box.

Which wheel, you ask? A Louet Victoria, bringing my monarchist wheel collection to 2 out of 3.

(I call my Ashford Elizabeth II “Queen Liz,” and unless there’s a Queen Joy I don’t know about…)

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  • Felicia

    Congratulations on your new wheel! What a total bummer that you can’t get to it.

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  • natasha

    if you want to send her to me, i will break her in. no problemo. i love me louet. it is plain jane but i actually use it way more than my fancy lendrum. so bad. i need more bulky bobbins though, just in case you were in the warehouse or anything. you are a powerhouse, lady. the gang out you designers in one place is like the hall of justice or something. sheesh.

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