January 7, 2008

The title alone slays me:

Shannon Okey creates crafting empire in Cleveland. This is the Plain Dealer’s followup to the article about Stitch Cleveland, and it’s rather better, though I cannot quite understand how the people who read it in the print edition kept getting mixed up and thinking we were the full-on yarn store instead of our neighbors next door at River Colors Studio. Apparently we got a number of calls first thing in the morning about yarn, including one lady who was incredibly indignant we didn’t have a pattern for an Ohio State-themed afghan!

Oh, and the timeline is a little messed up — I broke my elbow before I moved to Boston, it just so happened I didn’t have a job waiting when I first moved there and so — voila, major knitting time!

Still, at least they addressed the whole “anti-craft” thing. That was really bothering me…

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  • meredith

    i almost missed this yesterday but when i saw your pic thought “hey i know this girl from somewhere”. great job – loved the read!

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  • Natalia

    That is such an improvement over the previous article. I’m glad they did the follow-up with you, you crafty empress!

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  • Zabet

    I have to say…. the copy editor/proofreader who worked on this story needs to be fired. Your first book stemmed from the “online knitting committee”? No one could take 15 seconds to Google and learn how to spell AntiCraft? The questions aren’t even in bold!

    And the media wonders why no one trusts it…

    The Bitchy

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  • Denise

    Oooh whenever I make i up there to your shop I will be sure to address you in the proper manner.. Empress Shannon!!

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