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December 1, 2006

The problem with knitalongs…

…is that you see all these bee-yooooo-tiful projects by other people, and then you want to make your own. Like, right now now NOW.

Case(s) in point:

Tiennie‘s Central Park hoodie from the Tweeding Along KAL.

Knitsmith‘s handspun, handknit Adult Surprise Jacket from the Zimmermania KAL.

Yarnmonster‘s Bog Jacket, also from the Zimmermania KAL.

And then, there’s the mod people. As in ‘modification,’ not these guys. I’ve had the pattern for Rogue sitting in my To Knit notebook for, what? Two years now? Then the Advanced Knit community on Livejournal had this Rogue variant by Ariel with a tree and a spider and…helloooooo, nurse. Mind duly changed, planning on knitting Ariel’s modification. I’ve got the yarn and everything!

Such is the addictive nature of knitting.

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  • tiennie

    Aawww thanks so much Shannon! You’re too nice!!! I feel the same way when I see other people’s projects!

    Reply to tiennie
  • Lori

    Oh I couldn’t have said it better myself I was to make all these wonderful things when I see what other’s have made and I end up starting and never finishing….knitting is very addictive in nature! phew at least it is a good addiction to have.

    Reply to Lori

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