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January 6, 2007

The past month in pictures

Boston Bazaar Bizarre

Stariel and Rose visiting me at Bazaar Bizarre

Squid hat spotted in the wild at Bazaar Bizarre

Harbor lights in Portland, Maine

My favorite bookstore in Portland dressed up taxidermied animals in knits for their holiday window display. Charming or disturbing? I haven’t decided yet.

What I cast on Christmas Eve and knit over the holiday for relaxation…still deciding if I want to make it a full-scarf, or a collar or what.

I had help putting the tree away. If by “help,” you mean “complete and utter interference.”

Last stitch of 2006, or How I spent My New Year’s Eve.

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  • skamama

    I’m lovin’ Shannon this week. I received a copy of Spin to Knit (wherein I will not learn to spin) and I’m watching you on Uncommon Threads at this very moment.

    Reply to skamama
  • Amy

    Wow–I should have known that if anyone could make entrelac look gorgeous and un-fussy, it would be you.

  • julie

    That should have said “wherein I will noW learn to spin)”.

    Reply to julie
  • Rowena

    I haven’t seen a copy of Spin to Knit but sounds great. Please include me in your next exchange. I spin and knit.


    Reply to Rowena
  • Tammy

    Wow, I love that Christmas cast-on – I never cared for entrelac – but those yarn colors are beautiful – is there details/pattern info?

    Reply to Tammy
  • Post authorShannon

    Hey entrelac fans — here’s the scarf pattern I was “following” (well, as much as I follow anything, anyway):


    The final row of triangles isn’t done because I haven’t decided what I want to do with it. The yarn is Noro Silk Garden, 2 different colorways which happen to share a lot of the same colors. I’ll have to hunt down the ball bands, but I think one of them is #247.

    Reply to Shannon
  • Amanda

    Gorgeous entrelac! Are you knitting the 2 colors of Noro in rows, or in sections? Whatever you’re doing, it’s beautiful!

    Reply to Amanda
  • Alaina

    Just wondering who the designer is of the knit angel gown. The only link to the picture takes me to this website. Thanks!

    Reply to Alaina
  • Post authorShannon

    Thanks, Amanda! I knit according to that pattern, more or less, until the yarn ran out. And then I switched to the second ball. Surprisingly, there are only 2-3 sections that are sharply divided, color-wise. The Noro seems to have sufficient length in each color section to do several sections.

    Reply to Shannon

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