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May 16, 2010

The book cover is done!

My beloved boyfriend Tamas, typographer extraordinaire, and Franklin Habit, illustrator extraordinaire, get EVERY SINGLE BIT of the credit here, mes amies:

After all, what’s a book without its cover? Not nearly as fantastic, I tell you. We’re still doing preorders with free shipping; I can say with a sigh of relief in my heart that it will all be done and shipping by TNNA (mid-June) or earlier! This was one of the final sticking points.
This is so exciting, you have no idea. The first cover where I’ve had complete design control, and for a typography geek like myself, that’s like Christmas, New Year’s, birthday, Valentine’s Day and anniversary all rolled up into a package with cashmere yarn, sushi, and a basketful of kittens. Seriously. I once had to be sent outside to stomp on the concrete driveway (Tamas feared for the hardwood floors!) when a book galley of mine came from the publisher looking — I kid you not — as if it had been laid out in Microsoft Word using Times New Roman…shudder. Good type design does more work than you know, because you don’t even realize it’s working when it’s working effectively.
[happy dance times one fillion*, commencing…3…2…1]
[* note: one fillion is like a million billion jillion, but it’s named after Nathan Fillion so it’s even better]

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  • Melissa

    That is an AWESOME book cover. Definitely worthy of many happy dances. Congratulations!

    Reply to Melissa
  • tinebeest

    Great cover!
    And I hear you on the times new roman thing- I can do that. In fact, I could do better than that because I don’t use MS word! 🙂

    Reply to tinebeest
  • Katya

    Great cover! I am really looking forward to reading the book.

    Reply to Katya
  • Erica

    Looks great x 1 fillion!

    Reply to Erica
  • Judi P

    It’s GREAT, Shannon! And so funny, too. Now we know that Dolores’ sweater size is 128!

    Reply to Judi P
  • Post authorShannon

    Thing is, Judi, it’s not Dolores! (I couldn’t afford enough booze to get her to pose, so had to settle for a relative unknown sheep model). 😉

    Reply to Shannon
  • Jen

    Because we all know N. Fillion makes *everything* better. If only you could work that onto the already tremendously awesome cover (the punniest I’ve seen yet!).

  • Post authorShannon

    Oh, it definitely is punny, Jen — my Harvard English degree-having friend is responsible for the subtitle. It’s payback for the fact we didn’t get to use the title he suggested for our felting book a few years ago… Felt Frenzy would’ve been “Felt Up” if he’d had anything to say about it. I like to tease him: “oh, MR. HARVARD ENGLISH DEGREE, why don’t you help me think of a subtitle?” (etc etc)

    Reply to Shannon
  • Jen

    Frankly? I would’ve bought a book on felting called “felt up”. Topic love, and titillating title = win. That said, can’t wait to buy *this* book. Or the Kaffe Fassett Book you posted about today. Because while I love Nathan Fillion, he doesn’t design fabric like KF. If he did, then he’d be perfect. er.

  • dori

    That looks fabulous!!!!! I’m so looking forward to getting my (pre-ordered) copy – i’ve been thinking about it quite a bit lately.

    Reply to dori

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