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June 24, 2010

Taking CYCA #6 a little too seriously

I kept seeing photos of designer Johan Ku’s work popping up everywhere — on Ecouterre, on Twitter, you name it. He’s a Taiwanese designer: here’s an interesting interview with him. He’s currently enrolled at Central Saint Martins, aka fashion school ground zero in London, although he’s been designing for several years.

It’s been interesting to watch how “high fashion” has incorporated knits in a whole new way these past few years. From the brand revival-to-runway of Pringle of Scotland, to designers really using handknits in new ways that aren’t an obvious sop to the machine-made ready-to-wear market (scroll down on this page for a photo of Lady Gaga in a black Alexander McQueen knit dress that’s just amazing), to new designers like Ku popping up, it’s quite heartening.
While we’re at it: another don’t-miss post on Ecouterre: Liana Kabel’s recycled knitting needle jewelry!

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