April 2, 2008

Superexciting news!

Xan and I just learned that our thrift store sewing book AlterNation has been picked up by all 900 Jo-Ann fabric & craft stores! You can find the closest local store here.

If you’re a Jo-Ann’s regular, I don’t need to remind you that they’ve got great coupons, so take the opportunity to stock up on zippers, buttons and other supplies you’ll need for making over your favorite thrift store finds. Not to mention the cool yarny stuff I’ve seen them stocking recently, such as no-knit weave-a-scarf kits in black. Those are:

a. a good way to keep kids on spring break occupied and
b. a good way to use up lots of weird yarn bits, especially novelty

And, if you can, please be sure to ask which of my other books they stock. Cough, cough. Hint. Just like good Amazon reviews, asking for an author’s books definitely does make a difference when people or stores are deciding what to order.

Now that I’ve told you what to do made a suggestion, don’t forget: here’s your chance to be the boss of me — keep those suggestions coming, and thanks again!

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  • Jan

    Congrats! That’s wonderful.

  • Kristen

    Fantastic! That’s great news. And there’s actually a JoAnn’s sorta near me. I’ll run right down and buy it!

    Reply to Kristen
  • Molly

    Unfortunately, telling jo-anns staff can’t really help, because we have no control over what is ordered to our stores (i work at my local jo-anns, but was so excited to put your book on our shelves!)

    Reply to Molly

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