October 13, 2009

*sniff, sniff* I'm so touched.

Earlier this week I was poking around in the knit-centric advertising network I manage over at Blogads, and reading some of the funnier recommendation-y quotes I’d pulled to promote the site over the years, namely:
If Debbie Stoller is the the Queen, then Shannon Okey is the High Priestess of the garage band school of knitting.
— Jillian Moreno, Knitty.com Knitgrrl 2 book review
Is there anything Knitgrrl can’t do? I think not. The gal’s amazing!
— Natalie Zee Drieu, CRAFT magazine
Short of shearing the sheep, author Shannon Okey provides everything knitters need to know to take fiber from fuzz to fab.
— BUST magazine
All good quotes, right? And if you really want to laugh, Jillian once called me the “Donald Trump of knitting,” which I think needs to have “but with better hair” tacked on the end. Still, I think I have found my new all-time favorite description of me! The spectacular Anna, of Anna’s Designs, said, post-Felt School:
How to describe her…hmmmm…WACKY, WONDERFULLY CREATIVE, EMPOWERING, and a woman you do NOT want to mess with!
Is that not the most adorable thing you have ever heard?
(Apparently no one’s holding it against me for saying I can’t be friends with anyone who hates the Venture Brothers…)
You should check out the awesome rag bags Anna makes in her Etsy shop when she posts some more!

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