As (AntiCraft cofounder) Zabet put it in an email to me this morning: Round Two!

Hey, look! Some of your comments even made it in. And, because blogging is nothing but crazy circular in nature, another bit of funny.

Yours truly has to write her own (non-snarky) column today, plus work on another magazine article and any number of other things that I didn’t get to start yesterday because I had a migraine incapacitating me for the past 24 hours. Good times. (If by saying “good times” you are being really, really sarcastic).

Too much stuff to do before I leave for CHA on Sunday. Double-sigh.

4 thoughts on “Sigh.”

  1. Urgh. I hate migraines. I get them less now, but no less intensely.

    I hope that guy meets a really hot, sexy knitter someday, totally falls for her, and then, has his heart run through with her “tiny knitting needles of doom”

    On the other hand, he reminds me of a cheap copy of howard stern, anything to get a rise out of a certain group of people. He’ll attack scrapbookers or stamp collectors, or maybe rock climbers next 😉

  2. I officially feel sorry for this guy. He’s obviously milking us for article fodder and that is just sad. Especially when he feels the need to personally leave a message in various blogs to let people know he wrote a new article. “sigh” indeed.

  3. He clearly didn’t understand my need to use unorthodox methods of a flashlight was caused by that douche-fest wiki entry of himself, not the little bitch-fit parading as an article. I don’t even so crafts or knitting, but I thought it was a pointless attack and a pointless piece of “journalism” or whatever they call it these days.

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