March 21, 2011

Shiny happy photos

The stars aligned, I found my cardreader, I remembered to bring it to the studio and here, for your entertainment, are some photos from the past 2 months — on the road photos, anyway!

Andi was sad Purl Soho wasn’t open yet when we went to NYC for my February teaching trip.

We did have a lot of time to poke around and look at cool shop windows, though. And textures!

Things like this, and graffiti, are always what I end up taking pictures of anytime I go anywhere.

Like this, in Austin last week.

Or this, which neatly sums up how I feel about Austin at the moment.

I mean, come on. This was in a shop window.

Look what one of my students at The Common Thread made during my class!

Fried avocado tacos at Torchy’s in Austin (thanks to Nikol for the recommendation), with Elizabeth, pre-SXSW Etsy/BurdaStyle fashion show.

February teaching trip again. Loop, in Philadelphia. I was having too much fun teaching to take a lot of photos. Andi got a good one of me with Jay McCarroll of Project Runway fame next door at Loop’s sister shop Spool, though.

Before teaching at Rumpelstiltskin Yarns on Long Island, Andi and I went down to the beach. In February. We waved quickly at her mom in England, drank our respective tea and coffee, and hightailed it back to the car. It was COLD.
In short, it’s been busy, I’ve tried to document it but sometimes you just have to live it, if that makes sense! I’ve been designing up a storm in my head, but there’s a backlog of other things to attend to before those can go forward, not to mention all the stuff going on at Cooperative Press. Heck, I even came in on a Saturday to clean the office! Yes, things were getting THAT overwhelming.
I may have a quicky little freebie pattern for you soon — I made up a tiny felted mouse cat toy, just need to snap a photo and write it down. Hope you are having a calm, productive and wonderful start to the week!
(p.s. here is the new Cooperative Press shipping annex. It’s tiny, but it’s all mine. Waiting for the shelving to show up so I can get the books off the desk and the printers/scales/etc all set up)

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