Sheep(ish) blog tour & upcoming free pattern

Sheep(ish), the first yarn in Vickie Howell’s Stitch.Rock.Love line for Caron hits Jo-Ann Stores later this month, but you can get it now on Caron’s website. (Or use the finder app on Vickie’s website here to look for a Jo-Ann with the yarn). It’s 70% acrylic and 30% wool, with a nice hand and even a slight halo to it. The colors are super-rich and really pop. We used Magenta(ish) for the free pattern we’ll be posting on the second as part of the upcoming blog launch tour — here’s the full schedule:
May 25th: (Kathy Cano-Murillo)
May 26th: (Linda Permann)
May 27th: Kitschy Digitals (Danielle Thompson)
May 28th: DOUBLE POST DAY: (Kathy Cano-Murillo) + (Deb Steenhagen)
May 29th: Susan B. Anderson
May 30th: (Robyn Chachula)
May 31st: (Yarn Wreath Project by Cathie)
June 1st: (Review by Sister Diane)
June 2nd: — We’ll be posting a free pattern! Don’t forget to stop by!
June 3rd: (Allison Hoffman)
June 4th: Coquette Blog (Natalie Zee-Drieu)
June 5th (Sarah White)
June 6th: Manhattan Craft Room (Brett Bara)
June 7th:
June 8th: (Drew Emborsky)
June 9th: & (Dual post on the same day. Yarn-wrapped mobil by Jennifer Perkins)
June 10th: (Ladybug Outfit Pattern by Vickie)
June 11th:
See all 21 colors of Sheep(ish) here.

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