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May 5, 2003

Shannon The Red

Guess what I just won for $10 on eBay? Viking Patterns For Knitting!

Vikingam√ɬ∂nster i stickat indeed…

Hey, does anyone know which Nordic god/dess is in charge of fiber arts? I need to find my copy of Jenny Jochen’s Old Norse Images of Women when I go home and see if there’s anything knitting-related within. Would be interesting to know, in terms of putting the rune knitting patterns into context.

Also, does anyone have a recommendation or a favorite among all the various Aran & cable & Guernsey & fisherman’s sweater pattern books? In terms of not only instructions, but also pictures, usability, wide variety of patterns, good organization, etc? There seem to be so many, I wouldn’t want to pick one and then find out the others are better. I’ve got a swatch-based baby blanket in mind, and I’d like to try a lot of different patterns all at once.

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