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August 4, 2006

Secret Pal package #2

My Secret Pal has done it again! Check out this box. As if the yarn wasn’t tasty enough already, she wrapped it up like bonbons. Since we have yet to develop reliable Smell-o-Vision for the internet, I should inform you that the entire box is scented like a fabulous tea shop (hey! how did you know the boyfriend gave up on coffee for a while and our house has gone tea-only? gosh, you’re good, Secret Pal!).

If I were cat-sized, I would do what they do and jump right into the box.

In the candy wrappers: tea, an adorable wee L’Occitane tube of handcream (yum) and not one, but two balls of yarn in colors I really like! Yes, I do like pink, thanks for asking — and good call on not sending chocolate, because getting melted chocolate out of yarn is a pain! I haven’t knit with that Aurora 8 yet, so thanks for the recommendation… it does seem springy and lovely.

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  • Your SP

    I’m so glad you liked your box, and even happier to hear you’re into tea. I sent you mostly bagged teas, but if you have an infuser (or are handy with a coffee filter and string), I’ll send you some more loose teas in this month’s box. There are lots of varieties I’m itching to share. Let me know what you like, and I’ll use that as a jumping-off point.

    And when all is revealed, remind me to tell you about the first project I knit with Aurora 8…

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