August 6, 2006

Sea monster-y

Once upon a time, I dyed a bunch of natural grey fleece in Reynolds oven bags. The purple came out perfectly, the green less so. Well, it was ok. It just wasn’t great. And so I stashed it away in a paper grocery bag, where it sat patiently until the day I asked Natasha what she thought of it. I’d seen some gorgeous hand-dyed yarn that looked like a really green turquoise stone, if I remember correctly, so I asked her to overdye it with that look in mind.

And oh, did she do a stunning job. Check it out:

From the second I opened the box, I wanted to play with this fiber! She didn’t even run it through her drumcarder to loosen up the crimp for me because when it dried, it was perfect as-is. Good thing… I want some of the texture and curl to come through when I spin this up!

See what happens when you partner with another fiber artist? As I was saying in this post, it never hurts to ask for custom work… two heads can be better than one.

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  • natasha

    once i dyed it, i just sat on the back porch swing and picked everything open by hand and it was so gorgeous. i was glad that i spent the time picking the fiber rather than throwing it in the carder. so purdy!

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