March 1, 2009

Rivulet on Kindle!

The first test pattern from knitgrrl.com (Rivulet) went out to 5 testers + Jess from Ravelry today. A few sample screenshots…

I found that to preserve my formatting, it was best to make the title-in-funky-font an image file, otherwise it gets converted to plain text. Ok, but a little dull!

Images are nice and crisp.

Charts, the big bugaboo. Smaller charts convert beautifully, no problems. But I may well need to change the big, wide (giant!) files for Kindle purposes to suit the screensize better. This one looks good, though, eh?

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  • RacineDKringle

    That pattern looks great on your Kindle! So far I’ve tried a total of 3 patterns – one was an RTF and 2 PDF’s – one converted wonderfully, and with the other 2 the charts were lost completely!

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  • Beverly

    It does look good! I bought one of the m-edge cases that will allow me to prop up Kindle safely–perfect for having a pattern in front of me while I knit!

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  • Kimberli D. MacKay

    Shannon – You’re making it difficult for me to not buy one of these!

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  • Donna Druchunas

    Cool. Did you make the pattern in PDF format for use on the Kindle? I’m a little behind on the whole Kindle process. A few of my books are on their way to Kindle editions, but my publishers are taking care of all of that through Amazon, and I’m not really in the loop.

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