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October 20, 2002

Rhinebeck roundup…

Rhinebeck was so incredibly fun that I didn’t even realize 6 hours had passed! I missed a few booths, but not many. The shopping damage report? Not bad, considering the amazing quality and quantity of must-haves on sale.

I bought a finely-wrought sheep’s head pin from The Ram’s Horn, a.k.a. silversmith Jim Boyle and his wife Beth, who is an illustrator. They have some of the nicest silver jewelry I’ve seen, and silver is all I wear!

Then I picked up a “sampler pack” of all different natural soap slivers from got soap? / simpler thyme. Mmm, smells amazing! Their scented geranium soap, gardener’s herbal cornmeal (scrubby!) soap and vanilla oatmeal soap — ooh. I couldn’t keep my face out of the bins!

And my favorite word, “sale” was in full effect everywhere. I got enough undyed Cormo (already processed into yarn by Green Mountain Spinnery) to make another sweater for very cheap. Perhaps I’ll dye it with the avocado!

The other great thing about the show was talking to all those talented fiber artists. I learned so much just from watching and chatting. And Tassawassa’s website is just the beginning of the fiber-web fun, apparently. I told a few people that I was there to take pictures of the Tassawassa Fiber Farm booth for the website I’m building them, and ended up with several requests for sites! In some cases I’m going to barter for fiber, or lessons. More links to come tomorrow after I get some sleep — you’ll love some of the stuff I’ve got to post.

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