(Recycled) felt frenzy

You have got to check out this post by soon-to-be-author Betz White. My editor at Adorn magazine pointed me her way for an article they’ve got me writing, and I was just awestruck by how awesome her stuff is. She’s currently writing a book on my favorite topic in the world, recycled felting. One-fourth of our upcoming book Felt Frenzy is recycled felt. Good stuff.

Why do I love recycled felt projects so much? I can be both wildly impatient and lazy, (the reason I developed dishwasher dyeing), I have project-finishing issues (love to knit sweater bodies, hate getting around to the sleeves), and I like instant gratification (who doesn’t?). Recycled felt is fast for simple projects, although you can make satisfyingly complex stuff, too.

Such as this one:

You’ll see the finished version in Felt Frenzy…

I haven’t had time to go thrift store sweatering lately but it’s the time to do it. Beginning and end of the winter clothes season are best — now for selection, spring for cheap. There are so many things I want to make and so little time to do them, but if I stockpile in my felt stash, they’ll be waiting for me when I’m able.

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  1. I have tried to join your neswltter with no luck. Both in FF and IE6.

    I have your book out of the library, a great book.

    Can you tell me what the term “wrap wool around” I recently found it in an online pattern.

    Is it the same as wool over, it is in the heel part of the pattern.


  2. Love the sweater colors; wish I could see more. I made a dog pillow out of recycled sweaters; broke three needle trying to sew it on my machine. Now I have a pile of sweater remnants (used 1/4 of six sweaters) and a deep apprehension of tackling another sewing projects. Any tips?

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