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July 25, 2005

Pictures from the TV taping & more!

What it’s like to tape a TV show…

We had a dressing room, but weren’t there much — there were too many other things to do! Mostly, we used ours (pictured) as a place to store things overnight!

It’s fun to watch other people taping…this was another group before mine, as seen on the TV in our dressing room.

At the end of our first long day, we went thrift store shopping. Dinner could wait! (and wait…and wait…but hey, I didn’t mind, I found some good stuff at the store).

This wasn’t from the DIY taping. It’s an excuse to show you that the project page from my HGTV appearance is now up on their site! (In case you’re wondering, the art behind my head in that photo is by my dad. Cool, eh?)

And speaking of sites — hello to everyone visiting from Stefanie‘s (aka Glampyre)! You may notice that the Knitgrrl site is slowly but surely expanding. If you go to the front page, you can navigate to wherever you’d like.
The Knitgrrl shop is growing! If you’d like to sell your patterns, yarn or other knitting-related items there, drop me an email! (admin@knitgrrl.com)

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