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February 6, 2004

Online boutique seeks knitters & more

Click here if you are an artsy sort, if you like to support DIY enterprise, if you’re the ReadyMade / Bust / Dwell magazine kind of person, or if you know someone who is. anezka handmade is looking for artisans of all kinds to consign their pieces. Mention this blog for a free toaster or trip to Cancun. Ok, not really. But you know what I mean.

Debbie Stoller is coming to Woolcott & Co tomorrow for a book signing (her book Stitch ‘N Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook, of course). Guess that means I need to put off assembling my (newly-arrived!) rigid heddle loom yet again.

Speaking of which, do any of you have the Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving? Would you recommend it over other books on the topic?

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