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February 1, 2008

On the radar: Yarnia

Here’s a cool interview with Lindsey Ross of Yarnia, a new make-your-own-yarn store in Portland, OR. (Her blog is here).

About a year or so ago, before we opened Stitch Cleveland, I was saying I should open a dye-your-own yarn store akin to those paint-your-own pottery shops. We were talking about it on the Lime & Violet boards, in fact. I think that a combination of the two (paint your own AND ply your own) would be amazing, don’t you? We’re more or less set up for that here in my shop, but no one’s really requested the service before. Think I should start offering it?

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  • sarah lou

    i would drive to cleveland (from toledo) for either option.

    just out of curiosity, could a girl who knew her way around yarn and fiber content, but had never touched a spinning wheel or drop spindle, come in and learn to spin and then proceed to spin herself at least enough of a chunky, slubby, first time skein of enough yardage to whip up a hat? or would that take more than one day’s worth of studio time?

    the dye your own sounds fab, though. i’ve done kool-aid and wilton’s, but it would be fun to stop in and use your space. the organization, set up and clean up always seems to be my least favorite part… heh.

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  • Chppie

    I love the idea. even if it was an after-hours, one night a week type thing. I really find it appealing to dye somewhere uninterrupted and outside of the home. if i were closer i’d probably be a regular.

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  • christina

    I just saw yarnia on the craftzine blog and thought to myself ” I wish I lived in Portland.” I would sooo awesome if you did it. Please do it.
    P.S. I need to come by more often anyhow. 🙂

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  • Bren

    I would love that. Especially evenings or weekends. I was just trolling for “blank” superwash on Etsy when I happened to check your blog. 🙂 ARE you having a dying workshop sometime soon?

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