On Rhinebeck, and obsession

(The good kind of obsession, that is, and not the 80s song by Animotion, if you were wondering).
Another Rhinebeck come and gone, and I start to realize that everyone who is in this crazy business of ours, or who is a fiber person in general, is in it because they LOVE it.
On the business side there is often a lot of (resigned) grumbling behind the scenes about how much work it takes to make how little money, but I don’t think most of us are even capable of stopping. (Read this. Really. Everything we do, we do it for you. Oh, and I challenge you to not sing that in your head a la Bryan Adams immediately after reading it).
Team Cooperative Press shared a house rental with Team Cephalopod Yarns again because we love them. At the last minute our longtime friend Stefanie Japel got added to the mix (and roped into modeling for both Andi and me!). We cooked, we built fires, we had long dinners and plenty of the two cases of homemade hard cider I brought.
(You want obsession? Man. Try hanging out with homebrewing people. They are even worse than fiber people with the obsessive behavior and spendy gadgets. If your significant other gives you guff about all your fiber tools I highly suggest you get them into brewing. A rack of Addi Turbos and three spinning wheels will start to look positively DISCOUNT compared to plate chillers and special pots and fancy all-grain brewing systems. Thank me later).
Here are some photos from the weekend…

















That last one was there when we got to the rental, I swear.

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  1. I often feel shy approaching ‘semi-famous yarnies’ as the blog you linked put it, but that was a really great read, and I’ll try to be braver in the future! Looks like you had a great time.

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