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November 28, 2007

Oh, yarn.

Yarn: you sweet little minx, you. There’s so much of you floating around the house and I want to knit you all, like, immediately. If only I had 10 sets of hands.

Consider, if you will, the dyer’s dilemma. How could I possibly let this one go?

And then, there are the skeins given to friends, such as this one, which went to Lisa during her visit last week, plus one that went into the mail as a surprise yesterday. They’re like godchildren (godskeins?) in that I want to keep an eye on their progress and development.

Yesterday, I hung some plant-dyed yarns out to dry in the wind. The wool madder- and lac/cochineal/brazilwood skeins I did after finishing the organic cotton skeins are exquisite. They make me want to cry, they’re so pretty. Can I bear to sell them? I’m not sure yet. Stop by my table at any of the following events and see if I broke down: Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland, BUST Craftacular, Bazaar Bizarre Boston.

Speaking of breaking down, in the spirit of NaKniSweMo, I picked up a sweater that was done to the yoke and am finishing it. Bad me. It’s not all new knitting. But it’s something. More photos in a bit.

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  • lisa

    oh yes, it is pretty. the one you picture here is awesome– i would totally keep it too.
    i still haven’t photographed my new yarn (thanks again!) and posted about the lovely visit we had wednesday, but it’s coming!

    Reply to lisa

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