July 11, 2006

Octopus coat

A work in progress: my so-called octopus coat. It’s nowhere near done, as you can see from the wrinkled bottom and funkiness around the circles, but I thought if I put it up as a sneak preview it’d inspire me to work on it more often. The felting was easy, it’s all the handstitched reinforcement, shaping and sewing that takes time!

I’m up to my ears in book-related projects right now, most of which are very tedious and detailed. (Handstitching, dyeing, multimedia work, some combination of the three — you name it!) My boyfriend and I are planning a real, live vacation on one side of my book tour with Kim, though. Will I be able to knit something for myself on that trip? I hope so! Forecast hasn’t been touched in weeks, Rogue has yarn sitting in my studio just waiting for a cast-on… and let’s not even talk about all the ideas swirling in my head that require charting!

Why can’t they invent a cable you plug into your head that’ll download your ideas to the printer? I’m waiting for that day, let me tell you.

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  • christine

    ooh baby. i love those niblets and nuggets of fabric! you should go our for octopus salad as a finishing reward. 🙂

    some are working on that brain interface… heheh…

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  • anne

    yeah, i hear you—that cable would be worth a million to me too!

    Reply to anne
  • Your SP

    Ooooh; I love it! That reminds me of an article I read on Shibori in IK a few issues ago. Fantastic.

    Reply to Your SP
  • velmalikevelvet

    my god, that is the coolest thing ever (or at least since someone figured out cocao beans are good eatin’). must. make. self. more. clever.

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