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March 28, 2007

No, I haven't been hiding

I’ve been work, work, working. This weekend I had a software breakthrough — you’ll know about it soon enough, but let’s just say HURRAY! I’ve also had to put together materials for both the workshops I’m teaching this weekend and for books that publishers have asked me to write, all while getting the Knitgrrl store re-launch stuff going, etc etc.
Speaking of [on the old, non-WordPress-powered Knitgrrl site] I used to stream just the knitting-related items I sold on my shop site into a separate Knitgrrl shop page. But now that I’m changing around some behind-the-scenes software for a more elegant solution, you may soon see some differences in how this site works. For those of you who read it via RSS with some sort of feedreader, I’m not sure, but the feed may change. If and when it does, I will let you know. But if it does, you might not see the message! So, if you don’t notice a new post for a long time, click over to knitgrrl.com directly.
And now it’s back to work! (I just didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten about you — au contraire — I’m actually doing some very cool stuff for you to check out soon!)

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  • Felicia

    Glad you’re back. Remember to have a little fun in there too. 🙂

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