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July 8, 2009

New sweater AND intern

Ahem. Say hi to Metis.

See, I had this bag of Noro staring me in the face, and I was all “well, you can’t just let that sit there, can you?” and suddenly 3 days go by and… It helped that Tamas bought me the seasons 2 and 3 box sets of Bones — nothing gets me knitting faster than Whedon DVDs, or DVDs with Whedon alumni in them. It also helped I turned off the computer, the phone and just about every other imaginable communications device and pulled one of my semi-annual GO AWAY LEAVE ME ALONE routines.

Tamas wanted to go to Cloudwater Zendo Monday night, after that we had a really lovely dinner for our anniversary. Good times. I wish I could lather, rinse, repeat this upcoming weekend but I can’t, really — we’ve got the Knitgrrl Studio launch party.

The challenge now? Finishing this lovely sweater.

That might be easier than it would have been just one week ago, since my TNNA summer intern has arrived! I’ll be introducing her in further detail soon, but boy, am I glad she is here! She got started adding new things to the Knitgrrl Studio shop catalog yesterday, such as patterns I have in stock. Hurray for Zoe!

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  • stariel

    Isn’t Bones fab? It definitely helps me crank out the knitting. 🙂

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