December 16, 2010

New colors

My boyfriend’s been locked away in his office drawing the special holiday issue of El Gorgo! so I had time to do some dyeing before Last Minute Market this weekend (conveniently held in the same building as Knitgrrl Studio! hurrah, no stuff to move!)

I’m calling it the “Snow On…” series — Snow on Cedars, Snow on the Beach, Snow on a Douglas Fir, etc… heavy use of white throughout, with really strong colors. If it doesn’t sell well, I can always overdye the white bits, but I have to say I’m kind of intrigued by how they’ll knit up. Anything left after the weekend will go up on Etsy or the Knitgrrl Studio shop.
I also dyed a bunch of white Corriedale, natural brown Shetland and tussah silk, and have batt-making plans on my new Strauch. Mmm. Suspect from the way the colors came up that the blends will be very ombré/Pebble Beach-y in particular).

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