December 13, 2007

More dyeing with food coloring

There is a great new article in winter Knitty on dyeing with food colors other than Kool-Aid — although the big K is well-represented, too. Being a rather unscientific dyer (or, more to the point, a lazy one), I am always wicked impressed with people who can keep track of their color mixing so precisely. Allena Jackson shows how to get some colors I really like from the Wilton and Kool-Aid spectrum by clever mixing. You should check it out.

Speaking of color, in fabulous news, I found my wee video camera hiding at the bottom of my Lexie Barnes knitting bag, cleverly camouflaged against the black lining in its velvety black bag. To prevent this from happening again, I bought the camera its own Lexie bag — a Gem in her new superbright Diablo fabric, which reminds me of Indonesian batik.

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  • Helen

    Thanks for the dyeing link!

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