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May 1, 2008

More Big Girl Knits party, in pictures

First, let’s establish where the party took place last Saturday:

Yes. It was at Lettuce Knit. Second, the cast of characters:

Amy and

Jillian, the authors of

More Big Girl Knits, seen here in a stack with Lettuce Knit’s owner Megan. Please note: when stalking the wild Amy, you must not allow her to see you sneaking up on her with your camera. Just yell “Hey Amy!”, wait for her to turn her head, and snap the photo.

Keri and Dr. Steph marvel at the Danskos Jillian brought over the border for Stephanie.

Denny gave me a tour of Lettuce Knit’s new rent-by-the-hour dyelab in the basement. I want one! Keep your fingers crossed — my friend Marjorie, who bought my house when I moved to Boston, is tearing apart the basement next week and if the laundry sink has to come out, it’s MINE mine mine. (Note: it is the most perfect dye sink imaginable and I have been pining for it ever since I sold the house).

Stephanie couldn’t be there, but her words of wisdom are on display in the bathroom.

You know, the kinds of wisdom you might find in books, like my next book Alt Fiber, which comes out in September.

Laura models the insanely fantastic hemp jacket she designed for the book. You can’t really tell in this light, but it’s a lovely brick-y color from LanaKnits.

The saddest part of the night, of course, was when all the cupcakes from Life Is Sweet disappeared. I made a batch of Earl Grey-flavored cupcakes this week to make up for the pain of not being in the same city as Life Is Sweet. They were good, but not nearly as good as theirs.

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  • Kristen

    You’re having way too much fun out there, lady! Just so you know, if you’re really looking for a dye sink, I’ve got a humdinger in my basement just waiting for you to come spirit it away 🙂 Seriously.

    Reply to Kristen
  • Mel

    IT sounds like you all had a great time! Stupid transit strike totally messed with my plans to come out and see you.

    By the by Denny mentioned Felt School to me and I’m seriously tempted…

  • craftydabbler

    Earl Grey cupcakes sound absolutely divine. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Would you share your recipe?

    Reply to craftydabbler

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