Prompted by tweets from Jaime, Interweave’s publicist extraordinaire, among them “Is every librarian a knitter? Certainly seems that way here at #BEA10. We should do a survey,” I made this yesterday:

(I’ve had a page just for librarians at least 4 years now). The librarians at the main downtown Cleveland branch are clearly all knitters, as they’ve locked up the Alice Starmore books not just in the reference section, but in the locked, need-a-librarian-to-get-it-for-you department. They know.

3 thoughts on “Mmm-hmm.”

  1. Duh! 🙂 I do love a good Venn diagram. I am a non-practicing librarian, and I knit. So eventually when I become a “real” librarian, I will fit somewhere in the “awesome” category, right?

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